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U.S. Christmas limited edition

Video promo realizzato per Hypershape Records, in occasione dell’uscita della limited edition di Prayer Meeting. L’album dell’americana psych rock band USX.

Genere: Video musicale | Video Promo

Durata: 3:36

Destinazione: FacebookYoutube

Autore: Vittorio Bottini

Committenti: Hypershape Records

Hypershape Records ha inserito nel suo roaster artisti l’iconica band Psych Rock U.S. Christmas (North Carolina – USA). Abbiamo realizzato il video promo della limited edition (100 pezzi) del box che conterrà il nuovo disco “Prayer Meeting”.

Abbiamo poi realizzato una versione di 0.59 minuti per Instagram.


“Prayer Meeting” was originally the very first unreleased record by the pastoral psychedelic congregation U.S. Christmas, hailing from Marion NC, in the middle of the Appalachian region.

USX have a long career and several released on the mighty Neurot Recordings, published just after an ultra-limited demo batch of “Prayer Meeting” was around.“Some bands make demos. We made a record. We didn’t do this for a label, an agent, or anyone but ourselves. It was the first step toward what would become a series of connected works. This record marks a special time in my life, and I’m sure the other dudes agree. Those days in the little trailer in Marion, NC were electric and filled with building power. Listen up, these are the sounds of our foundation.”Nate Hall, 2018


Releases November 23, 2018